Awesome Inspiration

With all of the bleak news surrounding us on a daily basis, sometimes it’s just nice to see some of the amazing things human beings can accomplish.

One of my mentors sent me this video clip and when I’m having a challenging day, I like to watch it and remember how incredibly blessed I am.

As we go through life, remember that you’ve already won the lottery. You’re more educated than 95% of the American population. You have skills and knowledge that can change the lives of countless people and you live in the greatest country in the world!

Owning a successful functional medicine practice is not a long shot.  Providing patients nutritional supplements, meaningful laboratory testing, and alternative services that leverage your education, your credentials, your facility, and your staff just makes sense.

If having an extra $100,000 plus per year to spend on yourself doesn’t turn you on, just think about how many people you could help; how much time you could free up to spend with your family; how much good you could do in the world…

All the Best,

Dr. O


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Dr. Peter Osborne

Dr. Peter Osborne