Automated Functional Medicine Marketing with Youtube Increases New Patients

New Patients Are Your Lifesource

In a functional medicine practice, new patients are critical to achieving long term success.  Why?  Because a functional medicine doctor gets patients better and less sick patients equals less office visits.  The upside to this is that as your patients improve, they refer, and referrals are the best advertising you will ever get.

If you are just starting out in practice however; Referrals are a little harder to come by.  That leads us to today’s lesson – using Youtube videos to educate.

Youtube Videos Establish Widespread Credibility

I have a youtube channel that has brought in 100,000 views.  Often times, patients call me from out of state and from out of the country – as far away as the Middle East.  Why?  Because they saw my youtube videos.  Providing an good source of online education is a great tool to build your practice.  To establish a channel for your practice…

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  • Sign up for an account
  • Get a laptop computer with a built in camera (you can also purchase software to record your computer screen)
  • Start creating 2-3 minute education videos on niche health topics (I focus on gluten)
  • Upload these videos to youtube
  • Share them with your existing patients and facebook friends


Online Videos Market Your Practice 24/7

Video creation is an easy process.  It literally takes a few minutes.  If you try to create 2-3 new videos per week, you will grow an audience rather quickly.  Not everyone who watches your information will become a patient, but if you help enough people online, you will build a loyal group of followers who refer other people, and eventually establish a well known reputation in your functional medicine niche.   Creating videos does not cost you marketing dollars, and once a video is created, it can spread rapidly and will market you and your practice indefinitely.

[content_box_red width=”75%”]       The Do Nots of Video Creation…[/content_box_red]

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  • Don’t create videos with poor information value (providing free value is important to grow your followers).
  • Don’t sell  products in your videos (your knowledge and expertise will sell for you).
  • Don’t be dry and or boring (people like interesting and dynamic personalities – let your’s shine).


Wishing you success,

Dr. O

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Dr. Peter Osborne

Dr. Peter Osborne