Are you the same?

Clinic Diversity

Much like genetic diversity is important for the survival of our species, clinic diversity is important for your functional medicine practice.  If you are doing exactly the same thing as every one else, then every one else will be your competition.  If you are doing the exact same thing every day, in your office, you will eventually burn out. If you have been reading my information for any length of time, you know the importance of picking a USP or niche.  It is one of the pillars to building a successful practice.  However; that is not what I am referring to today.

Clinic Sameness refers to a lack of evolution in your office.  Many doctors get up, go to work, drone through a day of seeing patients, catch up on phone calls, notes, and paperwork, and go home.  Monday is no different than Tuesday or Wednesday, or any other day at the office.  Clinic Sameness.

This type of environment stifles growth, stifles your mind, and leads to a burnout in practice.  I have seen many doctors spend thousands of dollars getting an education in functional medicine, but when they get into the clinic, they fail to implement it.  That’s why I re-posted this article yesterday.  Knowledge without action is the same as clinic sameness.  Getting an education and failing to implement it out of fear of inadequate experience is no different.

What Makes a Functional Medicine Clinic Great?

If you look at the top FM clinics across the world, you will see one very big common denominator.  Constant flux.  Great clinics and the great minds that run them are always coming up with new ideas, new treatments, and new medical concepts** to push the envelop of clinic sameness.   (** I am not talking about pushing the latest MLM fad).  That is the very essence of what makes them great.  Think of every mentor you have come across.  They were most likely your mentor because they

  • Had fresh new ideas
  • Thought outside the box
  • Had the ability to challenge the status quo
  • Had the ability to implement and test their ideas
  • Had the ability to observe the outcomes and make changes to improve them even more

Without the above discussed greatness, we would not know about niacin for lowering cholesterol, IV vitamin C treatments for cancer, stem cell therapy for joint and cartilage rebuilding, antibiotics for severe infection, gluten playing a role in autoimmune disease, hand washing to reduce risk of infection…

You get the point.  Unlike days gone by, we live in a world where information access is instantaneous.  So big ideas, great ideas, don’t take 30-50 years to share and disseminate.  Bottom line – you should be doing Great things –

What are you doing?

Do you brainstorm?  Do you think about ways to improve not only the care you give your patients, but the way that your office works.  The success of your clinic is an extension of your success in business.  Delivering a homogenized version of functional medicine sameness is not going to create success or the internal satisfaction generated by constant self growth.

Sometimes you have to step outside of the box of conventional thought.  Do things that others may not fully understand or be ready for.  That is what makes a functional medicine doctor so great – their ability to think, create, do, test, experiment, etc.  We are at the beginning of a medical renaissance.  FM doctors are the leaders of this movement.  So if you claim to be an FM doctor, you have to ask yourself some simple but hard questions – Am I bringing new solutions or am I stifling them?  Am I paralyzed by fear of others opinions or am I an opinion changer/leader?

If you are a TRUE FM doctor, join me and other like minds in October next year.
Committed to your success,

Dr. Osborne

Dr. Peter Osborne

Dr. Peter Osborne