Are You Guilty of This FM Practice Mistake?

The one thing that bothers me most about doctors practicing functional medicine is when they, in poor judgment, decide to compete on price.  They are committing – Professional Suicide while simultaneously bringing a bad name to functional medicine!

Often times the ill logic is accompanied by statements


  •  “there are other functional medicine doctors within five miles of me who charge less”
  • “the economy in my area is different”
  • “people in my town don’t make enough money”
  • “the hospitals and other doctors only charge copays and I can’t compete with them”
  • “you don’t understand, my circumstances are different”

These are nothing more than self limiting beliefs of the lazy and undetermined doctor.  When you compete on price, there’s always going to be a doctor who is willing to go broke before you.  The worst thing you can do is get sucked into the “low price competition” battle with your competitors.  Doing so is the fastest way to bankrupt your practice and your good name.

No one wins,  not you, not your patients, not your competitors.

 Your Office Should Stand Apart From “THE HERD”

All it takes are three simple things to pre-condition your community that you’re different, better, and far superior than all other functional medicine clinics in your area.

People price shop only when they’re uncertain and apprehensive about your services.  If your entire community knows beyond a shadow of a doubt that you are the best functional medicine doctor in your area, that your protocols and treatment recommendations consistently lead to stellar patient outcomes, would you ever have to compete on price?

Think about all the times you’ve paid more then you normally would have for something because you were convinced that it was of higher quality and/or of better value.  People happily pay more for what they feel is of higher value and/or superior quality all the time…

  • Organic VS conventional fruits and vegetables
  • Grass fed VS corn fed beef
  • Free range VS caged chicken and eggs
  • Wild caught fish VS farm raised
  • Voss artesian water VS Kroger bottled water
  • Stabucks VS Folgers coffee

You get the point?  Price is not the factor when buying these items – Value Perception and brand are.  They are in a category of their own thus rendering them competition proof.

This is what you want to establish for your FM clinic.  You can (and should) convince your market that you are their only real choice as it relates to your niche, and acheiving long lasting better health.  Eliminating apprehension and uncertainty in potential patients comes down to pre-conditioning them.  Pre-conditioning simply means being known for something… or in this case for a few things, such as…

…establishing your niche

…building up your reputation

…creating credibility, trust, and authority

Pre-conditioned prospects come to you pre-qualifed, ready to comply to treatment, and with little or no resistance.  There are many ways to pre-condition your market.  Here are three of them.

  1. Publish case study testimonials. Case studies can be done on your website and blog, in print, in video, and in emails.  Case studies are success stories that you share with your potential patients showcasing how one of your patients was able to get off the medication, restore health, overcome disease, etc under your care.  If you want to see a page with great examples of testimonials visit here <<<
  2. Over Deliver on Your Services.  Spend time with them, listen to their issues, and CARE.  The last 7 doctors didn’t do this, and although doing this should be standard of care, it is not.  If you deliver these fundamentals, you are already over delivering on their expectations.  Part of over delivering is providing them with a resource of knowledge beyond the office visit.  Email newsletters work great for this.  You can even target the email to their particular needs if you use the right software program (call my office on this and we can guide you.)

Always Remember

Price, cost, money should never be the deciding factor whether or not a prospect will become a patient or not.  Trying to build your clinic to compete with discount clinics in your area is the quickest way to burn out and go broke while simultaneously providing bad service to your community.

To Your Success,

Dr. Osborne


Dr. Peter Osborne

Dr. Peter Osborne