Hi, my name is Dr. Peter Osborne and I love to help sick people get better.  It is my mission in life, and part of that mission is to help doctors and practitioners become more successful in their practices.  Because the reality is, a Successful practice helps more people.  It’s been said that I’m the “Mastermind” of the successful Functional Medicine Model of practice.

My Mission:

I am on a mission to train doctors in the process of practicing and marketing functional medicine.  Why?  Because I know that I can reach and help so many more chronically sick people if I have an army of intelligent, successful physicians on my team.  To that end, on this site you’re going to get the most cutting edge functional medicine marketing, niche practice marketing techniques available to doctors.

You see, a big part of practicing functional medicine is dispelling the myth that conventional medicine has created.  Patients are looking for answers, yet they remain skeptical about functional medicine because they have been conditioned to the main stream philosophy.

The “pill for every ill” mentality has failed (miserably) to restore the health of chronically sick patients and many of them are fed up and looking for real answers and solutions.   As a matter of fact, there are so many patients looking for answers, that an army of 10,000 functional medical doctors could not even come close to servicing and treating them.   The hidden secret to finding these patients is all in your marketing approach and office protocols.  All of the systems I have developed and refined were designed to successfully bring new patients into your practice and successfully educate these new patients so that they are compliant to the care they so desperately need.

Who is Dr. Peter Osborne?

Me being interviewed about gluten sensitivity on Fox News

In addition to being the founder of Origins Healthcare,  the radio show – Alternatives for Health & Wellness, Glutenology, The Gluten Free Society, and Nutra-MD, (in person and online systems to help frustrated patients re-establish their health),  and author of the highly acclaimed book, No Grain No Pain, I’m also the doctor who has been featured by PBS, Fox News, Reuters, & CBS.  I have also been a featured expert in dozens of online health summits, and the documentaries, Betrayal , and The Thyroid Secret.

My clients and patients include independent physicians, celebrities, and professional athletes.  Most importantly, my clients and patients are real every day people with real every day problems and illnesses…

Living the Dream –

For me, life is about finding your calling and living your passion, and there is no other industry I am more passionate about than health care.  Serving others has brought me happiness and purpose beyond my wildest dreams.  So whether you are just starting out in practice or are looking to make a change to a more holistic philosophy, you are in the right place.  My systems, business protocols, and guidance can help you build the practice of your dreams. Better yet, with my mentor-ship, you can achieve your dream practice in a fraction of the time in took me.