8 Qualities of the Most Successful Functional Medicine Clinics

What Traits Should Your Practice Have?

When doctors come to the annual Functional Medicine Success Summit or one of my Mastermind events, all of them want to get up close and personal with the most successful earners in the room. They want to know how they’ve managed to achieve such phenomenal success. So in order to save you some time,money, and travel, I am going to tell you what these top earners know about marketing a functional medicine practice so that you can learn from them right where you are.

Because if you think these people just got lucky, that they just happened to stumble on some big secret to success, you’re wrong. Aside from being excellent doctors, every single one of them built their businesses on these 8 things I’m going to share, and so can you.

  1. They learned to market using technology not the Yellow Pages. They put in the time they needed to learn from people who were more successful and more experienced. And they’re still open to learning new strategies and methods.
  2. They work hard so they can accomplish their goals. These doctors understand that working hard and smart now = less work and more financial reward later. They don’t waste time and they don’t make excuses.
  3. They understand that having a nutritional pharmacy is not optional.  Providing controlled high quality supplementation not only improves patient outcomes, but it improves your bottom line.
  4. They understand the value of their email list and they use it. Every single 6 or 7-figure FM clinic I know of has an email list of active patients, inactive patients, and patient prospects that they actively and consistently deliver valuable content (health based information and tools) to their audience on a weekly basis. They don’t spend on marketing, they invest in it.
  5. They  don’t blame their struggles or failures on others.  They view failures as “paid market research”.  They identify problems and find or create solutions. They don’t listen to the radio and news espousing how horrible this economy is – these doctors create their own economy.
  6. They are owners, not employees. They don’t spend all their time running their business. They run systems and let the systems run the business. They know that their time is best spent marketing their clinic, not trying to wear every hat in the office.
  7. They have become experts in reading their patients I can assure you firsthand that they were not born that way. They learned through experience. They learned that getting patients to comply to treatment required a deeper understanding of the mindset of the chronically ill.
  8. They follow the 95/5 rule.  – 95% of the tasks that need to be done in your clinic can be done by others.  Only 5% of the things you do are directly responsible for the number of new patients you attract, the percentage of those who comply, and the amount of income you generate. It only make sense to do more of the things that are in your five percent and delegate the other 95% to others.

YOU have every opportunity to join the ranks of the most successful and highest earning functional medicine clinics. YOU have access to every tool, resource, and information available to help you get there, and if you want my help, I’m here for YOU.

Committed to your success,

Dr. O

Dr. Peter Osborne

Dr. Peter Osborne